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Logan: Battle Frontier Rnd. 01 by Lohlite Logan: Battle Frontier Rnd. 01 by Lohlite
Phew, accepted: ID #: UBF10-488

In addition, as of reading about specific items to be allowed (IE, your bag can't have everything), I've edited what is in content to prevent from being accidentally eliminated.

My application for the :iconpkmn-battle-frontier: hosted by :icongbillustrations:
Took a while to complete, and I feel satisfied

Name: Logan
Age: 20 now, going to be 21 mid-April...
Occupation: Trainer/Breeder
Hometown: Celadon City in Kanto
Favorite Pokémon Types: Dragonesque and furry Pokémon.

Logan started his journey the moment he was old enough, thus having several years of experience. He can name every discovered pokémon by heart, their strengths and abilities as if Pokémon dictionaries were his friend. He's a very logic based trainer, trying to maximize strategy and having a habit of balancing things as much as possible (half his clothes are dark, half light, three large dragon-like pokémon, three small furry quadrupeds, etc.).

Most of the pokémon he catches ends up being girls, or at least to the extent he only keeps female pokémon on his team. The reason for this is his main pokémon are female, and most male pokémon he kept on his team tried to take advantage of their sweet nature. It's more his attachment to them that he keeps an all female team: he thinks of them almost like his daughters, most of them having been raised since almost an infant. Male pokémon he catches are never as nice, or obedient.

One of Logan's key attributes is his desire to be kind to others and receive kindness in return. He's always up to trying to help a fellow trainer or pokémon in need, and he always puts the health of his team first before himself. Unfortunately, he does not tolerate rudeness and tends to settle his differences with Pokémon rather than fists. He will not, however, let his pokémon battle to the point of total exhaustion or edge of fainting, he'll return them if not stop the other pokémon himself before letting things go too far.

A few bits I must add to my Accessories and Pokémon:


1. Cross Cap:

Fused with Pokéball and Pokégear/dex technology, this hat stores all my items not listed. This includes, but is not limited to, all items necessary for hygiene, alternate outfits (including multiple items of the same type), freshly made food for each Pokémon (cooked with own recipes), potions and other aid to take care of his team.

The visor has a camera that activates when aimed at a pokémon, producing a hallow screen at the brim of the visor (much like seeing through spy glasses). This acts as the Pokédex.

In addition, Pokégear applications are programmed into the hat, and can even extend in use to the next item usually stored within:

2. Touch Watch:
This touch-screen item syncs with the hat and applications, that way can show others and don't have to move his finger in front of him like an idiot for air-touch function built in hat as well. Other applications can be downloaded similar to how a Pokétch would work.

3. Backpack:

Primarily used to carry small pokémon, eggs, or other living things that shouldn't be transported into an item storage inside the hat. A screen allows pokémon hiding inside to pear out.

4. Ambun (Amber minun) plushi:
Never leave on a journey without it. Amber has the opposite, Logle (Logan plusle). Good luck charm for sure.

5. Pokéball belts:
Two belts of his own design. He uses these to carry his Pokémon in their balls in style.

6. Jade Cross necklace: An item he acquired upon first meeting with Amber.

7. Savior Ball:

An empty ball once containing the first pokémon Logan had as a partner, a Mew by the name of Sparkles. Clearly, she isn't on his journey at the moment, nor will she make any appearance in the Battle Frontier (legendaires are not allowed).

Item Specifics

In accordance with the response of "black hole bags," bags that virtually contain everything, I've decided to elaborate on my Hat's use as a bag. First, while not an actual item in the game, I've used my preference of not carrying a bag that the hat functions the same as a backpack that can virtually hold everything that is needed. So, it's pokéball technology (if one pokéball can hold something as large as a Wailmer, then it can hold the items I need). Further, I will list the exact items I have that will not be edited for the remainder of the contest, unless specificially stated otherwise. As well, the six hold items listed above will be the only ones my pokémon hold:


Max Repel: 7
Escape Rope: 1
Gold Nuggets: 3 (in case don't have cash)
Honey: 5
Heart Scale: 14
Iron Ball: 1 (for training, hah hah)


Revive: 12 (2 for each pokémon)
Max Potion: 17 (never can be too careful)
Max Elixer: 3 (only ones could find)
Old Gateau: 1
Lava Cookies: 36 (Hey, they came in dozens and are cheap)


Ultra Ball: 12
Luxury Ball: 7
Timer Ball: 10
Heal Ball: 5
Quick Ball: 9
Master ball: 1 (keep it for fun, will neeever use it)


None (don't think can change moves during contest)


Leppa Berry: 7
Oran Berry: 12
Lum Berry: 10

Battle Items

Yellow Flute: 1 (no confusion time)
Blue Flute: 1 (wake up pokémon!)
Red Flute: 1 (No lust today sir)

Key Items:

Vs. Seeker
Town Maps
Poffin Case: 2 Sweet poffins, 1 mild poffin (I need to cook more...)
Super Rod
Fashion Case: Assorted bows, hah hah
Coin Case: 200 coins, for gambling at various casinos


First, the hat has the equivalent of technology of the Pokédex, Pokégear, and, with the use of the touch screen watch attachment, can use all Pokétch functions. It also functions with the same limits as a touch-screen laptop computer.


Since my trainer is twenty, and thus has ten years of trainer experience, I've decided he has all the badges from available leagues. Specifics follow:

Indigo League badges 1-8, Orange League: 1-4, Johto 1-8, Hoenn 1-8, Sinnoh League 1-8, Frontier Brain Gold symbols 1-7


After getting bored from winning all the badges and participating in the leagues, got ribbons too. Unfortunately, I thought my pokémon having ribbons all over them would make battling hard, so they are stored at home. Unless the Frontier League decides I can get them, I won't.


Nova: Charizard

Nova is the first pokémon Logan captured in the wild. Though, it couldn't really be called capture so much as she had lost her family against a group of thieves and Logan saved her. She decided to stay with him.

Her scales, as can be seen, are white, as she is a luster pokémon (aka "shiny", alternately colored, etc.). Her pool of attacks for this tournament do not reflect her true ability, that of ice based attacks (that just wouldn't be fair, now would it?). However, despite her fire attacks having heat, her flames have the illusion of the blue flames from a will-o-wisp.

Abiding by the rules of this contest, her attacks are that of any other charizard. Her item, an expert belt, helps boost her super effective hits. It's a size too small however, taking place on her tail instead.

Nightlight: Raichu

Nightlight is a Pikachu-colored Raichu, interestingly given to him by a friend as a Pichu. Logan was somewhat sad when his Pichu evolved into a pikachu, losing the uniqueness of being a Pikachu-colored Pichu, he was more than thrilled to discover her colors took over the normal Raichu template.
That is, her pikachu template stayed the same through all evolutions.

Other than glowing in the dark (hence, why Logan called her Nightlight, the night he discovered this helping him through a dark tunnel with a dead flashlight), this Nightlight has a uniqueness to her outside of her coloring. She's very curious and determined to find out whatever she feels she must know. She loves fruits, mostly strawberries and bananas, with the occasional Oran berry, and is actually very affectionate and protective of her trainer.

Her item of choice is a shell bell, not just because she enjoys that oh-so nice healing effect when she attacks others, but she loves the sound it emits, often getting out of hand shaking her head till she is dizzy.

Hydra: Gyarados

Hydra is a yellow Gyarados, known in the rare group of these alternately colored Pokémon. Originally, when Logan found her, she was a Magikarp that had fallen into blue dye at a festival in Johto, having jumped out of its tank into a carny's dye-bucket. Interestingly enough, when Logan managed to get the dye off of her, he found her scales actually were blue. And since red karps turn into blue, and yellow into red, it was only natural that Logan found her to turn yellow when she evolved.

Granted, when he had first volunteered to clean off it's scales (feeling bad for the woman dying her dress as he had happened to be walking by), it was to help, but the owner of the Magikarp catching game had headed off before he could return it. So, he kept it.

Unlike other Gyarados, Hydra has a unique sense of apathy and understanding. She also understands that she is somewhat of a scary pokémon, and because of it, she prefers to keep her mouth closed. Fortunately for Logan, because he brings her out in public so much, thieves have lost interest in capturing her (since, if a yellow gyarados happened to appear somewhere else, having won in a few tournaments with it and gained a level of prominence, they would be found out too quickly).

Her item of choice is a Life Orb, found at the bottom of the sea next to the Battle Frontier in Sinnoh. Despite it taking away her energy for each attack, she takes satisfaction from the extra power it helps her deliver.

Meteora: Flygon

Meteora was once a Trapinch Logan had found in a Ariados infested forest in Johto. He had found it attempting to climb an Ariados web, ending up falling on the ground after continuous efforts. Seeing another Ariados shaking its head from the middle of the massive web, he had to assume it was his father (since females give birth to same species), and that perhaps the mother was elsewhere.

After witnessing a particularly hard fall, the trainer felt sorry for it and used some of his dwindling provisions to patch up a few minor cuts and bruises. He was interested that the pokémon hadn't evaded him upon approaching it.

After he left the forest, the Trapinch followed him for a few cities, and having helped him in a safari, he decided to capture it (seeing as it followed him that far anyway).

Meteora got her name from her natural use of meteor like attacks, that is climbing high up and diving down on other pokémon for extra momentum. When she evolved into Vibrava and again into Flygon, Logan was fascinated that she had kept her father's colors, the Ariados he had suspected trying to teach it to climb a web.

Her item of choice is a razor claw, helping with her critical attacks using her meteor style attack tactics.

Metaform: Smeargle

Metaform is a Smeargle Logan bred from one of his Typhlosion and Amber's Smeargle she had lent him in Sinnoh. The Smeargle interestingly didn't grow the beret-like hair style other Smeargles seemed to inherit. Naturally, he decided to buy her a black beret to match his hat.

On a bet with a friend, he was able to get her to sketch Transform, despite others insisting the move couldn't be copied since when a Ditto transforms, it no longer "has" the attack anymore, since it becomes a new Pokémon. He managed to get around this by having her copy a Ditto that transformed into another Ditto.

Her favorite move combination is to put her foes asleep, thinking of a Nasty Plot before turning into them for more power. To make sure she gets them asleep before they touch her, she uses her Quick Claw to get ahead of her opponent. She prefers to work at her own tempo.

Hally: Espeon

Hally was an eevee when he first found her on his return to his home city of Celadon. She apparently had been born with eyes that could not properly dilate, making her hyper sensitive to light to the point no doctor could operate on her (since they'd need light to see her eyes). She had hidden in a sewer after several trainers captured and released her, the light of day causing her constant pain without the relieve of going blind.

After hearing her story before, when Logan discovered her mournful cry, he and Nightlight went down the Celadon sewers to find her. She was in rough shape when he found her, skinny to the bone from being unable to properly hunt (probably having to survive on what little edible waste came down the... yuck...). he managed to wrap her eyes with a thick clothe to prevent any form of light from irritating her and nursed her back to health.

Luckily, he had found that she could navigate using a lower whimper she became accustomed to from light hurting her eyes and her long ears. Having an idea, he managed to encourage her to train during the day, eventually getting her to evolve into an Espeon.

Through intense training, he was able to teach her to see through other people's eyes, including other pokémon's. In that sense, she was able to see herself, and navigate from either her trainer's eyes or her opponents (depending on if they could block her telepathy or not).

She has White Herbs on her tail to prevent her from getting any status conditions (the Burn condition having the potential to burn her eye cloth off), and with her ability to synchronize, she can get her opponent to have the status conditions instead.

Team General Info

Luckily for Logan, his team gets along extremely well. His other five pokémon don't mind Hally's using their eyes to see around her, and they have helped her through tough times even if she is a little closed up do to her experiences as an eevee. Hally is a sweetheart though, as are Logan's other pokémon. Nova loves to help Logan cook, using her heat to cook the food and freezing abilities for dessert and other cooling needs.

Hydra enjoys being in the water, as it is natural for a water pokémon, and respects Logan's desire not to get wet. Metaform likes to draw with Logan sometimes, but also helps the team spar by using Transform. She's happy Logan keeps her on the team, often stating how he's happy he has a pokémon that has an original form that is furry and cuddly instead of like jello as far as a mimic pokémon goes.

These six pokémon are like family to the trainer. Though his other pokémon he keeps on a ranch with a friend kind enough to let them wander about, his could never have bonded closer to the six pokémon that now assist him on his journey.

And here's my Amber's application:

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YinYangLotus Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2010
WIN!!! :D And Nova!!! Mora win! I love the raichu xD
Lohlite Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Heh heh, I'm glad you like my pokémon set. The Raichu is my second favorite in here.
rosieluve Featured By Owner May 9, 2010
lol go girl pokemon!!!
Lohlite Featured By Owner May 9, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Hah hah, except never got to starting second round, they don't like the cold. *chuckles*
rosieluve Featured By Owner May 9, 2010
:D lol
Firefox8 Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2010
lol just noticed u got all female pokemon
Lohlite Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Why yes, my team is all female. Male pokémon tick me off, always trying to dominate and stuff. Female pokémon are sweet hearts, much nicer and get along better.
StormofThunder Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2010
Their interesting, nice job C:

Good luck :la:
Lohlite Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Thankies for the luck.
StormofThunder Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2010
Welcome c:
shadow-chameleon Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2010  Student Writer
dude awesome, Nova and Metero are my fav on your team:D, cant wait for the battle, so good luck to you(and good luck to Amber too:3)
Lohlite Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah, I look forward to seeing what comes next if I get into the next round.

I'm glad you like Nova and Meteora. They're the best for sure.

Though, I'm starting to like Hally too, her back story came out wonderfully.
shadow-chameleon Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2010  Student Writer
well like I said good luck:3, and hope you win(what do you do exactly?)


hey always gotta love a good a good back up

just curious, what if you go up against Amber(due to her having you on her teamX3)
Lohlite Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
I still don't know how the battle system will go up, but I'm assuming not all Pokémon go at once, so I should be able to help Amber in a lot of battles.

Considering how many trainers there are, I doubt we'll face each other. But, in the event we did, my pokémon are trained to battle independently.

As well, Metaform can transform into me and issue commands if she needed to.
shadow-chameleon Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2010  Student Writer
thats reasonable

ya I ment like in a one in a million chance, or what if question:3

thats a good resource(right word for it?) to use in case:3
Cooldude104 Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2010  Student General Artist
Cool team. wasn't allowed legendary ones?
Lohlite Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
No, no legendaries allowed. Just the same, they are overrated.

I like my team. Regular pokémon, but different none the less. Unique.
Cooldude104 Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2010  Student General Artist
yep. you made it your own special way to be unique.
Cataclyptic Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2010  Student Digital Artist
..What's a "Luster" Pokemon?
Lohlite Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
I think "luster" sounds better than shiny, but that's just me.
Ambunny Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2010   General Artist
Cataclyptic Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2010  Student Digital Artist
Why? Did I say something wrong? Are you referring to a shiny?
Ambunny Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2010   General Artist
Well that's sorta what he meant considering it's a different color..

I was just kinda thinking that it was odd to only mention that one little thing, not say anything else about the picture or description xD
Cataclyptic Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2010  Student Digital Artist
Heh. That's how I am man...
Ambunny Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2010   General Artist
Silly X3
Ambunny Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2010   General Artist


*throws Pokeball*
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